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| 2016 | Kimberly Shoenbill (former CIBM postdoctoral trainee) is an assistant professorship at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in the Department of Family Medicine and Program on Health and Clinical Informatics. | 2016 | Jeremy Weiss (former CIBM predoctoral trainee) will start at Carnegie Mellon Univ. as an Assistant Professor of Health Informatics. | 2015 | Michael White (former CIBM predoctoral trainee and Life Sciences Research Fellow) started an assistant professorship at the Univ. of Georgia. | 2014 | David Baumler (former CIBM postdoctoral trainee) started an assistant professorship at the Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities. | 2014 | Dana Wohlbach (former CIBM postdoctoral trainee) started an assistant professorship at Dickinson College. | 2013 | Kevin Eng (former CIBM postdoctoral trainee) started an assistant professorship at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. | 2013 | Kevin Ponto (former CIBM postdoctoral trainee) started an assistant professorship at the Univ. of Wisconsin | 2013 | Ameet Soni (former CIBM predoctoral trainee) was promoted to Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Swarthmore College.

Kimberly Shoenbill
Assistant Professor (Fall 2016 on)
Department of Family Medicine and Program on Health and Clinical Informatics
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

 CIBM Postdoctoral fellow, 2012-2015

Summary: Dr. Shoenbill’s PhD research has focused on applying natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to electronic health record data in order to identify predictors of delays in hypertension treatment. She entered the UW graduate program in Clinical Informatics after practicing medicine for eight years

ABDELRAHIM, Adham Marshfield Clinic Research Institute (Acharya) 2018 Clinical Practice
AMARREH, Ishmael Psychiatry (Birn) 2014 Science & Chief, Research Scientist Development , Program Officer for Global Mental Health, NIMH
ANDRZEJEWSKI, David Computer Sciences (Craven) 2008 Technical Lead/Manager, SuMO Logic
BANNEN, Ryan Biochemistry (Phillips) 2005 Scientist II, Research Informatics at Roche NimbleGen Inc.
BARKAL, Layla Biomedical Engineering (Beebe) 2016 MD/PhD student, UW-Madison
BARNARD, Aubrey Computer Sciences (Page) 2015 Graduate Student, UW-Madison
BAUMLER, David Genome Center of Wisc. (Perna) 2012 Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
BENNETT, Paul Computer Sciences (Page) 2016 QA Automation intern, SWAT Solutions
BERG, Bess Computer Sciences (Page) 2011 Swallowtail Music
BERNSTEIN, Matthew Computer Sciences (Dewey) 2018 Graduate Student
BOCKHORST, Joseph Computer Sciences (Craven) 2004 Research Scientist-Machine Learning, American Family Insurance
BOYD, Kendrick Computer Sciences (Page) 2012 Software Engineer, Google
BRUNET, Thomas Computer Sciences (Gleicher) 2006 Software Engineer, IBM
BRYDEN, Aaron Computer Sciences (Phillips) 2007 Praxik, Ames, IA
CESNIK, Anthony Chemistry (Smith) 2017 Postdoctoral researcher, Stanford U.
CHASMAN, Deborah Computer Sciences (Craven) 2011 Postdoc, Dept. of Ob/Gyn, UW-Madison
CHEN, Vincent Postdoctoral fellow (Markley) 2016 Senior Research Associate, Duke Univ.
CIPRIANO, Greg Computer Sciences (Gleicher) 2009 Solidworks, Inc.
COBIAN, Alexander Computer Sciences (Cravem) 2016 Lecturer, Computer Science, UW-Eau Claire
COLLINS, Maxwell Computer Sciences (Singh) 2013 Computer Vision engineer,m Google
CONDON, Samson Biochemistry (Senes) 2017 Graduate student, UW-Madison
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah Biophysics (Mitchell) 2008 Instructor, MATC
DAILY, Michael Chemistry (Cui) 2011 Data Scientist, Baylor Crop Science
DARLING, Aaron Special Bioinformatics (Perna) 2006 Associate Professor, Univ. of Technology, Sydney
DARNELL, Steven Biochemistry (Mitchell) 2007 Scientist, DNAStar
DARST, Burcu Population Health Sciences (Engelman) 2018 Postdoctoral fellow, Univ. Southern Calif.
DAVIS, Jesse Computer Sciences (Page) 2007 Assistant Professor, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
DHINGRA, Dalia Chemistry (Schwartz) 2004 Staff Scientist, Thermo Fisher
DIMAIO, Frank Computer Sciences (Shavlik) 2006 Assistant Professor, University of Washington
DOMENECH, Maribella Biomedical Engineering (Beebe) 2010 Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
DURFEE, Tim Genome Center / Biotech Center (Blattner) 2006 Senior Scientist, Scarab Genomics
EGHBALNIA, Hamid Biochemistry (Markley) 2004 Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati
ENG, Kevin Biostatistics & Medical Informatics (Kendziorski) 2004 Assistant Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
ESCANILLA, Nicholas Computer Sciences (Page) 2018 Artificial Intelligence Analyst, Accenture
FILLMORE, Nathanael Computer Sciences (Dewey / Newton) 2014 Assoc. Director for Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics at MAVERIC
FLUITT, Aaron Chemical & Biological Engineering (de Pablo) 2011 Consultant, Boston Consulting Group
FOX, Jamie Marshfield Clinic Research Inst. (Hebbring) 2018 Postdoctoral fellow, MCRI
GAGGL, Wolfgang Radiology (Prabhakaran) 2014 MR Systems Engineer, GE Healthcare
GOADRICH, Mark Computer Sciences (Shavlik) 2006 Associate Professor, Hendrix College
GOLDSTEIN, Steve Genetics / Biotech Center  (Schwartz/Newton) 2004 Researcher, Botany, UW-Madison
GRAY, Melissa Genetics (Payseur) 2010 Scientist, Exact Sciences
HAIGHT, David Industrial and Systems Engineering (Brennan) 2008 PhD Student, UW-Madison
HASELTINE, Eric Chemical and Biological Engineering (Yin/Rawlings) 2005 Associate Director, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
HATCHELL, Katherine Population Health Sciences (Engelman) 2019 Geisinger National Precision Initiative
HEBBRING, Scott Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation (Brilliant) 2013 Faculty, Marshfield Clinic Research Center
HEITSCH, Christine Mathematics (Corn) 2004 Associate Professor, Georgia Tech University
HENDRIX, Larry Computer Sciences (Page) 2010 Front End Developer, The Bowdoin Group;
HINRICHS, Chris Computer Sciences (Singh) 2012 Director of Research and Data Science at Univfy
HINRICHS, Chris Electrical & Computer Engineering (Nowak) 2014 Postdoctoral fellow
HOFFMAN, Kyle Chemical & Biol. Engineering (de Pablo) 2012 Postdoctoral fellow, University of Chicago
HOSSEINBOR, A. Pasha Waisman Center (Chung) 2014 Algorithms Developer, Medical Imaging, Imbio
HSIEH, Yichuan Nursing  (Brennan) 2008 Instructor, Harvard Medical School
HUBLER, Shane Mathematics (Craciun) 2010  
HUBLER, Shane, PhD Chemistry (Coon) 2011 Data Scientist at Ariosa Diagnostics
HWANG, Seong Jae Computer Sciences (Singhn) 2018 Graduate Student, UW-Madison
KLEIMAN, Ross Computer Sciences (Page) 2018 Graduate Student, Univ. Wisc.-Madison
KNAACK, Sara Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (Roy) 2016 Research associate, Wisconsin Inst. for Discovery
KOLTES, James Biochemistry (Attie/Yandell) 2010 Assistant Professor, Univ. of Arkansas
LAGREE, Steve Computer Sciences (Roy) 2014 Application Support Engineer, The MathWorks
KONDRASHOV, Dmitry Biochemistry (Phillips) 2006 Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago
LANTZ, Eric Computer Sciences (Page) 2009 Graduate Student, UW-Madison
LEGAULT, Laura Computer Sciences (Ferris) 2008 Teaching Ass't. Prof., Colorado School of Mines
LEVIN, Elena Biochemistry (Phillips) 2008 Research Scientist, Beryllium
MARCIA, Roummel Biochemistry  (Mitchell) 2006 Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, Univ. of Calif., Merced
MARQUARDT, Kaitlin Biochemistry (Mitchell) 2013 Software engineer, POLCO
MARTY, Kathleen Computer Sciences (Dyer) 2004 Raven Software, Madison, WI
MAYORGA, Adrian Computer Sciences (Gleicher) 2013 Software engineer, Clean Power Research
MCCOY, Jason Biochemistry (Phillips) 2006 Staff research scientist, Broad Inst.
MCILWAIN, Sean Computer Sciences 2005 Assistant Scientist, UW School of Medicine and Public Health
MCFARLIN, Daniel Biostatistics and Medical Informatics (Page/Gould) 2004 Senior Information Processor, UW-Madison
MERRILL, Anna Genome Center of Wisconsin (Coon) 2006 Senior Fellow, University of Washington
MIDDLETON, Jason Chemical Engineering (Yin) 2003 Program Manager, Battelle Memorial Research Institute
MUELLER, Benjamin Biochemistry (Senes) 2013 Postdoctoral fellow, Vanderbilt Univ.
MUGANDA-RIPPCHEN, Deborah Computer Sciences (Craven) 2012 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Univ. Wisc.-Madison/a>
NOTO, Keith Computer Sciences (Craven) 2007 Senior DNA Scientist,
OLDFIELD, Chris Biophysics (Markley) 2005 Postdoc, Computer Science, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
OLDHAM, Aryn Chemical and Biological Engineering (de Pablo) 2008 Chemical Engineer, Chlorox Corporation
OLIPHANT, Louis Computer Sciences (Shavlik) 2005 Associate Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Hiram College
ONG, Irene Computer Sciences (Page) 2005 Ass't. Prof., Dept. of Ob-Gyn, UW-Madison
ORTIZ, Vanessa Chemical and Biological Engineering (de Pablo) 2010 Lead data scientist, Nielsen
OVERMYER, Katherine Genome Center (Coon) 2017 Research Associate, UW-Madison
PACK, Gary Computer Sciences (Dyer) 2011 Postdoc, UW-Madison and Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
PACK, Gary Biostat. & Med. Informatics (UW); Marshfield Clinic/td> 2016 UW-Madison and Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
PATTON, Tim Industrial & Systems Engineering (Brennan) 2011 PhD Student, UW-Madison
PEHLKE, Carolyn Biomedical Engineering (Beebe) 2011 Patent examiner, Patent and Trademark Office, Albuquerque
PIECZKIEWICZ, David Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation (Brennan/Starren) 2010 Clinical Associate Professor, Institute of Health Informatics University of Minnesota
PIZARRO, Ricardo Biomedical Engineering (Meyerand) 2011 Postdoctoral fellow, Montreal Neurological Inst.
PONTO, Kevin Computer Sciences (Gleicher) 2012 Associate Professor, UW-Madison
RHOADS, Timothy Genome Center of Wisc. (Coon / Acharya) 2016 Assistant Scientist, UW-Madison
RISSMAN, Anna Genetics (Perna) 2012 not known
RICCARDI, Demian Biochemistry (Phillips) 2009 Research chemist, NIST
SCHAUER, Kevin Genome Center (Coon) 2018 Scientist, Thermo Scientific
SEAVEY, Beverly Computer Sciences (Page) 2003 Bee Matrix
SCHWARTZ, Jonathan Computer Sciences (Craven) 2012 Senior Software Engineer, Bonder Inc.
SCHWEI, Kelsey* Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation (Acharya) 2016 Faculty, UCS Health
SETTLES, Burr Computer Sciences (Craven) 2006 Staff scientist, software engineer, Duolingo
SEVERTSON, Lori School of Nursing (Brennan) 2007 Associate Professor, Edgewood College
SHOENBILL, Kimberly Biostatistics & Medical Informatics (Mendonca) 2015 Ass't. Prof., U. No. Carolina, Chapel Hill
SONI, Ameet Computer Sciences (Shavlik) 2008 Associate Professor, Swarthmore College
STANHOPE, Stephen Statistics (Newton) 2008 Medical Informatics Consultant IV at Spectrum Health
SVERCHKOV, Yuriy* Biostatistics and Medical Informatics (Craven) 2017 Assistant Scientist, UW-Madison
TEAGUE, Brian Cellular and Molecular Biology Program (Schwartz) 2009 Ass't. Prof., Univ. Wisconsin-Stout
TIMM, Collin Chemical & Biological Engineering (Yin) 2012 Research Scientist, Johns Hopkins U.
TRAEGER, Lindsay Bacteriology (Roy) 2018 Postdoctoral fellow, UW-Madison
VINCENT, Catherine Chemistry (Coon) 2012 Assistant Professor, Hartwick College
WADDELL, Michael Computer Sciences (Page) 2005 Senior Software Architect, Director of Information Technology, Pangaea Information Technologies
WANG, Richard Genetics (Payseur) 2015 Postdoc, Indiana Univ.
WARREN, Chris Biochemistry (Ansari) 2005 Chief Biotechnology Officer, Proteovista
WARRICK, Jay Biomedical Engineering  2009 Assistant Scientist, UW-Madison
WEISS, Jeremy Computer Sciences  2013 Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon U.
WEISS, Kurt Psychology  2015 Postdoc, UW-Madison
WENDELBERGER, Barbara Biomedical Engineering  2015 Statistical scientist, Berry Consultants, n
WHITE, Michael Genetics  2009 Assistant Professor, Univ. of Georgia
WOHLBACH, Dana Genetics (Gasch) 2009 Assistant Professor, Dickinson College
ZERINGUE, Henry Biomedical Engineering (Beebe) 2003 Director, Enterprise Analytics at Highmark Health