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ACHARYA, Amit | | Marshfield Clinic Research Institute |
Biomedical and dental informatics; medical/dental imaging informatics; integration of medical and dental data and clinical systems

ANSARI, Aseem | | Biochemistry |
Regulation of gene expression at the interface of chemistry, biology, and genomics; dissecting genome-wide transcriptional cascades

ATTIE, Alan | | Biochemistry |
Genetics of type 2 diabetes; gene networks and diabetes

AUSTERWEIL, Joe | | Psychology |
Development of computational models of how people learn and use their representations using recent advances in computer science and statistics

BEEBE, David | | Biomedical Engineering |
Development and use of cellular scale systems to study basic cellular processes such as stem/progenitor cell regulation/differentiation in the mammary gland

BRILLIANT, Murray | | Marshfield Clinic Research Institute |
Human genetics

BROMAN, Karl | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Statistical problems in genetics, genomics, and molecular biology, particularly the development of improved methods for detecting and identifying genes contributing to variation in complex traits in humans and experimental organisms

BURNSIDE, Elizabeth | | Radiology; Biostatistics and Medical Informatics | Use of computer techniques to improve the early detection of breast cancer; development of a Bayesian Network designed to assist radiologists in the post-discovery aspects of mammography: interpretation and decision-making

CIRELLI, CHIARA | | Psychiatry |
Mechanisms and functions of sleep; neural substrates of consciousness

CHUNG, Moo | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Statistics and image analysis

COON, Joshua | | Chemistry |
Bioanalytical chemistry, mass spectrometry and proteomics

CRACIUN, George | | Mathematics |
Mathematical and computational methods in biology and medicine

CRAVEN, Mark | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Development and application of machine-learning methods to inferring models characterizing networks of interactions among genes, proteins, clinical and environmental factors, and phenotypes of interest

CURRIE, Cameron | | Bacteriology |
Symbiotic associations between animals and microbes; Antibiotic discovery

DEWEY, Colin | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Algorithms for problems in comparative genomics

ENGELMAN, Corinne | | Population Health Sciences |
Genetic epidemiology; complex diseases and quantitative traits of aging such as Alzheimer's disease, cognitive function, vitamin D deficiency, type 2 diabetes, and insulin resistance

FERRIS, Michael | | Computer Sciences |
Developing software that converts nonlinear programs into complementarity problems without human interaction, using automatic differentiation techniques

GASCH, Audrey | | Genetics |
Genomics of yeast responses to environmental stress and starvation

GITTER, Anthony | | Morgridge Institute for Research; Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Development of computational approaches to reconstruct signaling pathways and transcriptional regulatory networks from multiple types of high-throughput data using techniques from machine learning and graph theory, with an emphasis on dynamic networks and disease applications in virology and oncology

GLEICHER, Michael | | Computer Sciences |
Computer animation, video processing, and medical visualization to develop tools that help people express themselves in visual media, and to make these media more expressive, educational, and entertaining

GOULD, Michael | | Oncology |
Molecular genetics of mammary carcinogenesis and translation research in the area of breast cancer prevention and therapy

HEBBRING, Scott | | Marshfield Clinic Research Institute |
Multidisciplinary approach to understand disease etiology and pathophysiology; combining genetics and comprehensive patient electronic medical records (Phenome-Wide Association Studies) with functional genomics

KELES, Sunduz | | Statistics; Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Development and application of statistical and computational methods for problems arising in genome biology and computational biology

KENDZIORSKI, Christina | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Development and application of statistical methods for statistical methods and software for the analysis of data from high-throughput genomics experiments

KREEGER, Pamela | | Biomedical Engineering |
Systems biology; endocrine signaling

LOEWE, Laurence | | Genetics; Wisconsin Institute for Discovery|
Evolutionary systems biology; building a bridge between population genetics and molecular systems biology with the help of modeling and computer simulations

MARKLEY, John | | Biochemistry |
NMR spectroscopy and its biological applications; structure function relationships in proteins; stable-isotope assisted multinuclear NMR spectroscopy; processing and analysis of multi-dimensional NMR data

MENDONCA, Eneida | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics | Improving the understanding of complex diseases (diagnosis and treatment), clinical outcomes, and on brining scientific evidence into clinical practice trough the use of using computational and language driven methods

MEYERAND, M. Elizabeth | | Biomedical Engineering |
Development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) based acquisition and post-processing methods to visualize diffusion and activation in the human brain

MUIR, Peter | | Surgical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine |
Skeletal adaptation to loading, stress fractures, genomic dissection of orthopedic traits, cruciate rupture in dogs, long bone fracture repair, and clinical trials evaluating canine arthritis treatment

NEWTON, Michael | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Developing statistical methods to address problems in the biological sciences and genomic data integration

NOWAK, Robert | | Electrical and Computer Engineering |
Theory, algorithms, and applications in signal and image processing, pattern recognition, biomedical data analysis, networking, and wireless communications

O'CONNOR, David | | Pathology and Laboratory Medicine |
Examination of large genomics and immunological datasets to understand how genetic heterogeneity influences cellular immune responses, and in turn defines susceptibility or resistance to RNA viruses.

ONG, Irene | | Obstetrics & Gynecology |
Data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, probabilistic methods, dynamical models, inductive logic programming, and statistical relational learning with applications to biological and medical data

OSSORIO,Pilar | | School of Law |
Governance of large-scale biosciences research; protections for people who participate in research; data sharing; ethics of “big data” science and uses of race in research and medicine

PAGE, C. David | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Development of algorithms for data mining and machine learning, and their applications to biomedical data, especially clinical and high-throughput genetic and other molecular data

PATEL, Jignesh | | Computer Sciences |
Building expressive, effective and efficient methods for querying and mining large biological datasets; graph analysis for biological networks; sequence analysis

PAYSEUR, Bret | | Genetics |
Population genetic processes that determine patterns and levels of variation throughout the genome, including natural selection, recombination, and mutations

PEISSIG, Peggy | | Marshfield Clinic Research Institute |
Electronic health record (EHR) phenotyping; application of machine learning methods for detecting adverse drug events and EHR phenotyping; implementing pharmacogenomics alerts into clinical practice; evaluating brand-name and generic medication utilization and patient outcomes

PEPPERELL, Caitlin | | Medicine |
Ecology and evolution of infectious diseases

PERNA, Nicole | | Genetics |
Development and application of genome-scale analysis tools to study molecular and organismal evolution

PONTO, Kevin | | Design Studies; Wisconsin Institute for Discovery |
Virtual reality; human-computer interaction; data visualization; computer graphics & vision

PRABHAKARAN, Vivek | | Radiology |
Development of fMRI and other multimodal neuroimaging methods and tools for neurotranslational research

REED, Jennifer | | Chemical and Biological Engineering |
Systems biology, metabolic model development and analysis, metabolic engineering, biofuels, bioremediation, and biotechnology

REY, Federico | | Bacteriology |
Gut bacterial metabolism and human health

ROY, Sushmita | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics; Wisconsin Institute for Discovery |
Development of statistical computational methods to identify the networks driving cellular functions by integrating different types of genome-wide datasets, that measure different aspects of the cellular state

SAFDAR, Nasia | | Infectious Disease, Dept. of Medicine |
Novel interventions to reduce and prevent healthcare associated infections

SCHRODI, Steven | | Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation |
Probabilistic methods applied to genomics; inflammatory disease mapping; cytokine networks; linkage disequilibrium theory; disease models

SCHWARTZ, David C. | | Chemistry; Genetics |
Chemistry and biology of single molecule systems with applications to genomic science

SENES, Alessandro | | Biochemistry |
Computational and experimental studies of integral membrane proteins folding and structure

SHUKLA, Sanjay | | Marshfield Clinic Research Institute |
Investigation of how microbial and host (human) genetics interact during an infectious disease process; oral and system health informatics

SINGH, Vikas | | Biostatistics and Medical Informatics |
Design and analysis of new algorithms for image analysis

SKALA, Melissa | | Biomedical Engineering |
Development of new methods to understand and combat cancer using photonics-based technologiess

SMITH, Lloyd | | Chemistry |
Development and application of novel bioanalytical tools

SUEN, Garret | | Bacteriology |
Systems biology, computational biology, bioinformatics, genomics, metagenomics, biotechnology, ruminant models for human host-microbe symbioses

SUSSMAN, Michael | | Biochemistry |
Signal transduction in eukaryotes, development of genomic technologies, plasma membrane receptors and ion transporters, Arabidopsis thaliana

YANDELL, Brian | Statistics |
Statistical genomics; theoretical statistics; applications in selected areas of biology

YIN, John | | Chemical Engineering |
Combined experimental-theoretical approaches for molecular virology; bioinformatics; pre-biotic chemistry; systems biology